Next Generation Anthem MRX Receivers
Scott Steiner
“Anthem’s award winning line of home audio receivers just got better! With the second generation of MRX receivers, Anthem continues to build on their legacy of high performance and great value.”

“The best is even better with the most advanced room correction system on the market: ARC1M. Even when the finest speakers are perfectly positioned, the room can have a dramatic impact on sound quality. Room dimensions, dead spots, archways, even furniture can turn a room into an additional instrument adding unwanted coloration and resonances.
ARC1M adjusts for the room’s effect on the speakers in a way that mimics our hearing. This way your Anthem gear and Paradigm speakers can do what they do best: allow you to lose yourself in the music or movie.”

“Come in and experience great sound today!”

Steiner’s makes it easy to get the music you want anywhere in you home.

There are many ways to get music in your home, from the classic CD and AM/FM radio, to the new digital formats. Whether it is your iPod, SiriusXM satellite radio, streaming apps, or music on your computer Steiner’s can make that music accessible in any room of the house.

We can even design very easy to use controls so you can hear your music with a touch of a button. All of this can be done with no visible wires in most homes with our custom installation.

From one room to all of the rooms in your house Steiner’s can give you the music experience you have always wanted.