Rear Backup Camera System
Scott Steiner

“Even a minor fender bender can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. Why not get a better view of what is behind you and save yourself the hassle of a collision? With backup cameras and a variety of monitors (including ones built into the mirror), you can actually see what’s there. They are also great for backing up to your boat or trailer! Some of the mirrors even feature auto-dimming, temperature sensors, compasses, Bluetooth, and Navigation.”

“Don’t need to see what is behind you? We also install backup sensors that simply beep when you’re getting too close to something.”

“Come in and check out our great selection of cameras, monitors, and backup sensors. And by the way, if you bring your vehicle with you, we can show you just how it will look. No matter what your vehicle, we’ve got your back!”

High tech vehicles require a highly trained technician to integrate.

Don’t skimp on the installation.  A buddy and a Sawzall may have cut it 30 years ago, but vehicles have greatly increased in complexity over the years.  As more and more parts of a vehicle integrate with the computer and the stereo system, it is more important than ever to have trained professionals work on your vehicle.  Special tools, knowledge, and training are required to integrate today’s electronics properly.  You not only want your new devices to work properly, but look nice and stand the test of time as well. 

Steiner’s Installation technicians have the training, knowledge, and tools necessary to properly integrate your new gadget into your vehicle.  Improper and corner-cutting techniques of other “professionals” are not only a risk to your new equipment, but can damage your vehicle’s sensitive computer and safety systems.  Trust your vehicle to the experts at Steiner’s.