Left: Steiner Electronics Showroom floor, 1978 (Notice the image on the television is being shot by the camcorder in the center of the room.)

In 1935, Harley Steiner founded Steiner Radio in downtown Lewiston.

Harley specialized in repair and installation of home and car radios. After World War II, Steiner Radio expanded its product offerings to included appliances, becoming Steiner Radio and Appliance.

In 1953 Harley’s oldest son Bert became the general manager of Steiner Radio and TV. As stereo components became more available, Bert expanded the store at 1323 F Street to include space to sell stereo records and to have a space to demonstrate component stereo equipment and speakers.

In 1960, we incorporated and changed our name once again to “Steiner Electronics, Inc.” Bert and his wife Carol became the sole owners shortly thereafter. In 1976, we opened an installation center in an old gas station at 18th and Main where car stereo and CB radios were sold and installed.

In 1977 Bert and Carol purchased the lot where our present location is, 1328 Main Street in Lewiston, allowing for a larger sales floor, warehousing and installation all in one location. In 1985, Bert and Carol’s son Bill became the general manager. His wife Audrey joined the business in the accounting department. In the 1990’s Bill and Audrey were joined in the business by their sons Scott and Andrew.

The world of electronics, audio and video has changed considerably over the years and so have many things here at Steiner’s. The ever-advancing technologies we carry and install today consist primarily of home and car audio and video and all the accessories to make them perform at their best. A few things that have not changed are that we are a family owned business, we value customers and the personal relationships we build with them and finally, that nobody knows more about audio and video than our family.

At Steiner’s, we choose what we carry for products.  Our goal is to offer the best products available and to sell them at competitive prices. Our name is on the front of the building and we realize that with every encounter with the public our reputation is on the line. We approach every customer with the Golden Rule in mind: To always treat others as we would like to be treated.